Rotate PDF - Free PDF Rotator

Rotate your PDFs online for free, with the ability to select and rotate one or multiple pages at once!

Effortlessly Rotate and Customize Your PDFs

Rotating PDF pages can be a necessity in various scenarios, from correcting the orientation of scanned documents to adjusting the layout of presentation slides. Our online Rotate PDF tool offers an intuitive solution to meet your rotation needs. It's designed to be user-friendly, so you don't need advanced technical skills to use it effectively.

Beyond just rotating pages, our tool provides comprehensive functionality. You can also delete pages, offering complete control over your PDF's content. Whether you need to rearrange pages or simply correct the orientation, our tool streamlines the process. Plus, it's available online and free of charge, with unlimited usage.

Your data's privacy is essential to us. Our tool ensures secure processing, with all operations taking place directly in your browser. This means your files stay on your device, and no third parties have access to them. Experience the convenience of rotating your PDFs hassle-free and confidently with our Rotate PDF tool.