Privacy Policy

Introduction is an innovative free online tool that enables conversion of multitude formats in nine categories: Image, Vector, Audio, Video, Document, Presentation, Spreadsheet, E-Book, and Archive. Not only is easy to use but also enables fast and safe conversion process. Nevertheless, our top priority is the privacy and security of our users and their files.'s privacy policy contains detailed information about collecting, managing, sharing, and using user data, security, user's rights, third-party advertisements, cookies, and other general information. It is a fact that we collect only the necessary impersonalized information from our users so that we could provide the best service and create statistics for improving overall user experience. We guarantee that we will use all this data as listed in Privacy Policy and that we work under regulations of GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). Rules and regulations of our privacy policy do not apply on third party links in any way connected or found on, as we do not own nor have access to these websites.

How do we handle user data?

As most websites do, is a website that also collects impersonalized information from our users such as browser type, referring site, date and time of each visitor request, duration of visits, and similar data. The main reason we collect this information is to create statistics for research and analysis of our performance and to improve our service and user experience. Also, we try to anticipate the behavior of users and to maintain security. Another type of standard information that collects is Internet Protocol (IP) address. The importance of this data is to connect converted files with uploaded data and identify users, and also authorize the download of converted files. also uses IP addresses to prevent abuse of its services and find potential security breaches. If you contact us asking for help, reporting an issue, with a business proposal, etc. and leave an e-mail and other personal information, we use them only to send a response back to you. This information is necessary for our customer service, and we use it under or in terms of service. will comply with a lawful court order or requirement by law to provide user data collected on its website when asked.

Cookies uses several types of cookies from which most are small files stored temporarily in your browser during your visit on our website. These are so-called session cookies, and they have the purpose of improving user experience and saving your preferences while using our services. Third-party links or advertisements that can be found on the website use cookies to improve, assess, and create promotions and also to prevent and report fraudulent behavior. When accessing third party links on our website, be sure to check out their privacy policy to learn how they use cookies and to what purposes in detail. To understand what is a function of using cookies here is the group of commonly used cookies on and their purposes: Cookies that help us identify your device while using our website; contain an identification number that is randomly generated. The longevity of these cookies is at the end of your visit. Security cookies help us detect and eliminate potential threats to the optimal functioning of our services and to secure our services. Authentication cookies optimize your experience on the website by presenting you with personalized information. Performance cookies serve as a means for creating performance charts and improving user experience, features, and online service. Analytics and research cookies help us understand and change our services for all our users. Our partners may advertise with the use of third-party cookies that help them offer you sought after content, information, service, or product. The primary purpose of using cookies is to help you with personalized access and save time with saved settings on services. Although you can deny the use of cookies, we don't guarantee that our service will be complete or available without using them.

How we handle security? has immense user confidence because of its tight security protocols. Since we take security as one of our top priorities, we make sure that not only is our system secure, but also any bit of user data that we may have is protected from unauthorized access, loss, or misuse. We manage the data you sent us with the secure process. However, we can't guarantee safety protocols during transmission of user files via an Internet connection as no one can with absolute certainty. Measures we take to secure user's data, and information include regular software updates, highly controlled physical security of our premises and infrastructure, firewalls, rigorous process of employee authentication. Also, we provide proper testing of our entire system of services for bugs and security vulnerabilities. All our traffic is transported to and from your system using SSL (Secure Socket Layer) and AES 256-bit SSL certificate. User files that are submitted for the conversion process remain on our storage servers until the conversion process is over. Furthermore, converted files are deleted inside of one hour of the completed conversion process. Impersonal information we collect from our users is erased as soon as we analyze it or inside of thirty days.

Your rights

As a user of services of, you have certain rights which we will discuss further. We can't reveal information about another person's data, or delete files we have legal right to obtain and keep. You have the right to object to what information we process and collect if you have a legal ground for such a claim. We have a responsibility to inform you about the type of information we collect and process and how we maintain the security of those data. You have a right to lodge a complaint and withdraw your consent at any time. Also, you have the right to access your data, object to the processing of your data. You have the right to demand erasure of your files that might be on our servers for a limited time. Please have in mind that we erase user data within 1 hour from our servers and any information about users within 30 days.

Changes in policy

Along with the growth and upgrading of services, features, and overall functionality, our privacy policy will change. As our user, you ought to check periodically for updates and changes and be informed before using our services. If you do not agree with our privacy policy, you can discontinue using our online services. The current privacy policy is effective immediately.


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